Library Board

The Newhall Library Board consists of 4 city members and 1 Rural member and the library director. Terms run 6 years. If you are interested in serving on the library board please contact the library director.


Board of Trustee's

President: Todd Dengler 319-270-4587

Appointed: January 2014 

Term up: January 2029


Secretary: Melody Hartz 319-350-0131

Appointed: July 2019

Term up: June 2028



Dixie Rinderknecht: 319-223-4011

Appointed: July 2019

Term up: June 2028


Niles Bierschenk: 319-213-0445

Appointed: December 2022

Term up: December 2029


Jeanne Berry:

Appointed: March 2023

Term up: March 2029